Aside from the sensation of being watched, that something or someone is near, it seems as if sound encounters have been a popular method for spirits to interact with me.  I have heard spirits walk around my house, pound on my doors and walls, call me names, and even speak my name!  I am both intrigued and terrified by these paranormal displays, which gives me a greater drive to learn more about the paranormal world.  There are times I wish I could have a bigger experience (i.e., see something or be touched), and there are times that I am glad that nothing more has happened to me.

As a paranormal investigator, you have to learn to control your natural emotions and tendencies.  Although it wants to, fear cannot be allowed to control the senses.  An attitude of rational and scientific thinking is required in order to perform a thorough and accurate investigation.  If not kept in check, fear can cause a multitude of errors within an investigation, from hallucinations to hysteria.  Have you ever heard the phrase “crazy with fear”?  Fear causes us to lose control of our cognitive thinking, making us irrational.

How does one gain control of their natural fear?  There are many different techniques and it is up to you to find out what is best for you.  Sometimes it comes from the natural high that happens with a sudden adrenaline rush.  Sometimes meditation and prayer before and after an investigation helps.  I find that being with my group during an investigation helps and having at least one partner to walk around with during that investigation.  I have been pushed to the front of the pack as the “brave leader” during the walk through of the school investigation; although this mostly pertains to haunted housing with my friends, who always want me to go through the scary place in front of them while holding their hands!  This expectation for bravery has helped instill in me the ability to tap into my inner strength and courage, which I have been able to transfer to my investigations.

Sometimes it feels good to be the brave one.  At other times, it would be a huge relief for someone else to take the reins!  Now, if I could only tap into that inner strength when I’m home alone at night!

This article was written for In Nomine Paranormal Research (INPR), a ghost-hunting group I was a founding member of until spring of 2009.  This article can no longer be found on their website.